Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Twins

Had a chance to take a few pictures of Lucy and Lane. They were a lot of fun to photo (is that a word?). It was nice that they actualy stayed in one spot. But I thought the photos went well, and I love thier big blue eyes.

 What the! Who is this hellion! Who's kid is this? Oh yeah, it's my daughter Allie crashing the party. She seems to want to be doing everything and anything anybody else is doing. She sort of stands out when she is with her twin friends.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Headshot for Hailey

I had the opportunity to take some headshots for Hailey, a family friend, and our favorite thrillionaire. It was a reather simple but fun photoshoot. I had fun with the black and white conversion of some of the photos. It was kind of a challenge because I was working with darker hair, fair skin, and a rather even lit subject. So it actually took some compositing work of various BW conversions to get the final results.

P.S. Thanks for bringing the bacon.

Porter Family Photo Shoot 2008

This was a fun, but very cold photo shoot. But we got some good pictures. The snow was a pain to deal with having the sun out at noon. The whole morning it was just barely cloudy, perfect for pictures, but just before we met for the shoot, the bright sun came out, and overlit nearly everything. We actually had a cool location chosen, but had to move into an area with trees to try and control the sunlight. But I was glad to get some great shots without everyone squinting. I think they all turned out really good. Thank you Porter Family for being so great to work with!